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Hi! I’m Laura B. Martin, Licensed Esthetician and owner at Freddy Fox Face Total Skincare Salon in Oakland, CA. I provide tailored skincare for every client - because no two foxes are alike! In addition to waxing, I specialize in anti-aging & acne facials, organic facials, and customized chemical peels to correct multiple concerns like pigmentation, rosacea, fine-lines & wrinkles, and acne - all while revealing a fresh complexion. I’m passionate about results-driven skincare while also providing a serene and relaxing experience for my clients.

About the name...! I’m the youngest in my family, and with three lively older brothers, I got pretty used to rolling with the punches. During my brothers' Little League season, every weekend the same boys would always ask my mom, “What’s her name?” This had been going on for months, and when asked the final time, she said “Fred” (no one seeming to realize that I was dressed in pink with a bow in my hair). After that day, ironically the team never forgot the name “Fred”. That silly name stuck, and has continued to be my family nickname since!

I began my career in skincare after receiving my Bachelor’s degree in Human Geography. After working in the Bay Area for a number of years, through long hours and lengthy commutes, I realized that I wanted to help others relieve stress and maintain a healthy lifestyle. My mom, now a retired esthetician, had always tried convincing me that I would love this profession. Years later, I finally took her advice - she was absolutely right! I love the creativity this profession allows, as well as the instant gratification in helping a client look and feel their best!

In my free time, I enjoy being active outdoors hiking East Bay trails, spending time with my Australian Shepherd puppy, and engaging in yoga & barre classes. Cooking, making time to enjoy art museums, live music, and travel are also very high on my activity list.

I chose the name Freddy Fox Face Total Skincare because I want to bring the "fun" of a spa day back to the treatment room and provide service options for every budget. The Fox is a reminder that within us all is the ability to look and feel our best. Even if it's just a maintenance or express facial, professional skincare is deserved and you can relish in knowing you're caring for your largest organ (and your only one) - your skin.

Let’s get you looking and feeling the way you deserve: healthy, confident, and beautiful!

I look forward to meeting you!

~Laura (AKA 'Freddy')

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