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Facials are not only relaxing to the mind, body, and soul, but just like going to the dentist, are essential to your overall health.  The skin can absorb vitamins, nutrients, and antioxidants much faster than ingesting. So why not feed your skin by giving it the best topical ingredients available?  After all, our skin is often the first impression we give when we meet someone, so treat yourself to the best!


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Smooth as a baby's...

Pamper and exfoliate your skin by treating yourself to a face or body waxing service, with smooth results that far outweigh the burden of having to shave daily.  High-quality hard wax is used on the face and sensitive areas, and never causes breakouts. At Freddy Fox Face, Laura specializes in facial waxing, including eyebrow shaping and Brazilian waxing. Proper care is taken and tested by Laura, your esthetician, prior to waxing to ensure that the temperature is perfect.  Book your service today for smooth, long-lasting results!

Relax & Nourish

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Give yourself the gift of time and self-care by treating yourself to a customized exfoliating facial treatment! At Freddy Fox Face Total Skincare, only the best professional products are used that are plant-based, paraben and cruelty-free, and provide real results! Whether your chief skin concern is fine-lines & wrinkles/anti-aging, acne, hyperpigmentation, or simply maintenance - I've got an enzyme peel or chemical peel customized for you guaranteed to renew your skin.

Exfoliate & renew

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