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About the name Freddy Fox !

The mascot at Freddy Fox Face Total Skincare in Oakland, CA

I’m the youngest in my family and have 3 older brothers. I got pretty used to rolling with the punches. During little league season, the same boys would always ask my mom, “What’s her name?”. This had been going on for months, and when asked the final time, she finally said “Fred” (no one paying bother that I was dressed in pink). According to my mom, after that day the team never forgot the name “Fred”, and to this day continues to be my family nickname!

I chose the name Freddy Fox Face because the fox symbolizes what I’m all about – being an expert skincare guide for my clients, providing a clever escape from the urban hustle, and a touch of well-deserved class with every treatment.

I'm so happy to bring you a relaxing, fun, professional experience at Freddy Fox Face -- your urban spa experience for every budget!

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