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Facials: The Facts How often and when should you get a facial?

Client at Freddy Fox Face Total Skincare receiving an exfoliating organic chemical peel

Maintaining your healthiest skin depends on a few factors, mainly: the age you appear, based on discoloration and wrinkles - known as photo-damage. The recommended frequency of professional skin care treatments also depends on your desired results, and your budget. While reaching optimum skin may require a small investment, it doesn’t have to break the bank. Here are a few simple guidelines that will help you attain and retain healthy skin throughout the seasons.

One of the major benefits of getting facial treatments regularly is to speed up the cell renewal process that reveals fresh, youthful skin. Naturally, our skin cells renew every 28 days, but as we age into our 30’s and beyond, the cells turnover less often, making it more important to stimulate cell renewal, deliver healthy antioxidants, and boost wrinkle fighting collagen and elastin.

Generally speaking, one could get facials as often as every 2 weeks, but for many of us that’s not practical or even necessary. Based on a system developed by Dr. Richard Glogau, the skin is classified from categories 1-4 based on Photo-aging, or the age someone appears. The most effective way to tackle skin problems and maintain healthy skin is to participate in a professional “peel” series, which are 3 customized resurfacing treatments 2 weeks apart. The recommended maintenance treatments range from 3 - 12 resurfacing treatments per year (generally someone in their 20’s would benefit from one maintenance series, while someone in their 60’s would benefit from a seasonal series, or 12). Check with your Esthetician, because many will offer packages. If series are out of your budget, a general rule of thumb is to see your Esthetician quarterly to refresh your skin into the new season. The best time to receive Peels and deep exfoliating treatments are in the Fall and Winter seasons when there is less sun and UV rays.

It is so much easier and affordable to slow photo aging, rather than scramble to correct when we notice dark spots and wrinkles as we age. Invest in (the right) professional skincare products from your Licensed Esthetician and commit to a homecare regimen (in addition to a healthy, low-stress lifestyle). Products can seem pricey at first, but remember, it is a long term investment, benefits you’ll feel daily while improving youth and longevity in the long run. What is that fresh, healthy, and preventative feeling worth to you?

There is a skincare program and solution for EVERY budget. The skin is our bodies’ largest organ, and often times it is the first impression we give upon meeting someone. At a minimum we should care for our skin like we do our teeth (complete with an effective daily homecare routine and professional visits). I am a firm believer that skin care does not have to be a luxury. Invest a little in your skin - your future self will thank you!

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